Will I be able to get a black belt or any other grading through this website?

No. There is no realistic way for me to test your skills. Skills can only be tested properly in person where a master can see and more importantly, feel how much power the student is able to apply to each technique. The student also needs to show how well they are able to adapt that technique to different partners and changing circumstances. This cannot be done online and don’t believe any other online courses that say they can test you online. Online martial arts certifications really aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

How usable and realistic are the skills on this site?
Everything on this site has been tested and applied successfully by dozens, even hundreds of students over many years. Everything works for real, much of this is ancient warrior knowledge and much of it is skills that are rarely seen in the West.

Why have I not seen many of these skills or principles before?
The kung fu of today is sadly a pale imitation of the kung fu that was practiced a century or more ago. Many skills, indeed entire systems disappeared during the twentieth century with almost no trace of them having existed. Of the many hundreds of styles that were practiced back then many were either lost completely, driven underground or travelled abroad. Probably less than a dozen styles were successfully exported to the West and these are the ones you will have heard of. but several other styles and systems were also taught in the West but for various reasons they didn’t build up such a following. Click here for a brief but fascinating article on the rise and fall of the  martial arts in Chinese history. Also click here for an article on why so many methods have been developed in different martial arts that achieved the same outcomes.

Do you run classes in your kung fu that I can attend?
Yes I do but only in the UK in Reading, Berkshire. Click here for the Jade Dragon School website for information about these classes.

Are these skills helpful in reducing stress?
Absolutely. The skills I teach help to reduce tension and bring body and mind back into balance. I also work as a stress coach teaching stressed individuals how to let go of the tension in their bodies and the stress in their minds. When you discover how to let go of your tension and increase your energy levels you can deal with stress far more easily. I don’t give quick fixes but teach a set of skills that turn into long term solutions to stress related conditions.Many of these skills can be found on this site.