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Are you worried about attending martial arts classes? In many cases you have every right to be. Some schools treat their students very badly, particularly new students. Many schools can be quite expensive with classes, outfits, gradings, membership fees, equipment to buy and so on. Some try to tie you into a long contract and if you don’t pay will refer your debt to a debt collection agency. This practice is quite common.

There is another way – a better, easier and cheaper way to start on your kung fu journey. That is to subscribe to our site for just £5.99 per month and learn from home..

ONLY HERE can you pay a small monthly fee and get instant access to a huge range of skills that you can learn at your leisure in the comfort of your own home.

ONLY HERE can you choose the skills that you want to learn. No syllabus to work through that treats everybody the same no matter what their fitness or expertise level. No waiting for months or years to finally get to the skills you want to learn. Just pay a small fixed monthly fee and get full, constant access to a wide and ever growing range of articles and videos on all aspects of kung fu and related training.

ONLY HERE can you learn skills that go way beyond the fighting aspects of kung fu. You can learn amazing skills such as how to stand in a way that will make it impossible for others to push you over (most experienced martial artists can’t do this yet you can learn to do it in minutes).
Then you could learn to use your breathing to give you more energy when you need it and control your emotions, particularly fear and anger. Just think how your life would change if you could master your fear and anger.
You can discover the secrets of meditation and how to attain that inner calm even under pressure that you may have heard of and secretly always wanted.
You can discover why it is that you find it so hard to relax (you’re not alone, everyone else on the planet finds it hard as well). But without understanding this reason all your attempts at relaxation are doomed to be short-term at best. Find out why by subscribing today.

When  you subscribe to our fast-growing site we will send you the book Stress Proof Your Body free of charge. Then you can discover for yourself why this book has 5 stars on Amazon and how it has changed so many people’s lives from ones of stress and tension and taught them skills that will last the whole of their life. Skills that enable them to remain unaffected from the stresses of life, and to live a life of improved health, increased energy and a much stronger sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Kung fu skills – from beginner to advanced. And when we say advanced, we really mean it.
  • Effective forms training – including applications. Too many schools teach forms with no idea how to use them. I personally guarantee never to teach any movement without also giving a range of fighting applications for each one. NOTE: not just one technique, but a range of them.
  • Combat conditioning – the exercises you need to become a kung fu fighter. These conditioning exercises go beyond exercises you will find in any gym. They are designed to give you a body that is strong, flexible and able to generate extreme power with virtually no effort.
  • Animal kung fu training – learn the tactics and fighting skills of the main animal styles of China. Some of these skills are rarely seen and almost never taught to outsiders to the closed doors of real kung fu.
  • Self-defense – effective, realistic training in the tactics and techniques you need to survive physically and emotionally. Many places teach self-defence (often unrealistically) but it is notjust surviving physically that is important. You must also survive emotionally and not become traumatised by the event, either at the time or afterwards. Learn to control your emotions and walk away unscathed.
  • Weapons training – the body trains the weapon and the weapon trains the body. Weapons training has always been a vital part of self-development and battlefield skills. Through the use of weapons you learn to strengthen your body and focus your mind in so many unique ways.
  • Qigong training – improve your health and vitality and turbocharge your martial skills. Qigong is a vast field of study. Learn the fundamentals here and how to use the exercises and theories to make you calmer, stronger and better able to cope with all areas of life.
  • Meditation – learn to focus your mind for greater control over every aspect of your life. If you don’t learn to control your mind it will continue to control you. Take back control of your mind and gain more control over your whole life.
  • Healthy lifestyle articles – unusual tips and training for a healthier and longer life. Everything from how to survive colds and flu without drugs to how to improve your stamina just by breathing differently.
  • ACCESS a huge and growing range of articles and videos for just £5.99 per month 

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Praise for Stress Proof Your Body

StressProof cover_image

This is a book everybody needs to read. If you think your body is relaxed, just try some of the exercises in this book and you’ll feel tension you didn’t realise was there drop away.
(P Brown)

I was really surprised how much tension I was holding onto and how this was affecting my life. The simple exercises almost immediately helped me loosen up my muscles and release the tension, in my case particular around my neck and shoulders. This book easily deserves the 5 stars
(J Laughlin)